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Nordik Blades  ("Nordik Blades") is a Nordik Blades® is an innovative supplier of advanced winter wear parts for snowplows. The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion Campaign provided by Nordik Blades

Promotion duration: April 21 to May 23

The promotion is applicable to new and existing Nordik Blades clients




1. Each participant is eligible to win a prize. A Hockey Jersey and a chance to win an Apple AirPods Pro are included in the prize. Each participant will get a Hockey Jersey, while the winner of the Apple AirPods Pro will be chosen at random from those who uploaded a video.

2. To win the prize, participants must Record a short video of between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in which you talk about your experience with the Nordik MOVE and then Use the "upload your video" button on this page Win an airpods pro directly from your phone or your computer, select your video and then hit "Submit", that's it!

3. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, goods, services, or other prizes. The rewards cannot be transferred without Nordik Blades' prior authorization.


1. The promotion is open to any natural person who has a permanent residence or domicile in the promotion area and is at least 18 years old at the time of participation. Nordik Blades is within its rights to request proof.

2. By participating in the contest, the participant indicates acceptance of the Promotion's Terms and Conditions.

3. The participant's e-mail address and mailing address in the promotion area must be valid. Nordik Blades has the right to disqualify participants who provide an invalid or fake e-mail address, mailing address, and/or name.

4. Employees of Nordik Blades and affiliated businesses, as well as anyone engaged directly or indirectly with the promotion, its organization, or the prizes, as well as the direct or indirect provider of the prizes and their respective employees, are not eligible to participate.

5. Nordik Blades reserves the right to exclude participants or groups of participants in the event of misuse, fraud, manipulation, circumvention, or a breach of the Promotions' terms and conditions. Nordik Blades is authorized to do so on the basis of a suspicion and is not need to notify or give proof to the participant.

6. Participation in the offer is limited to the promotional time and the manner indicated in these Terms and Conditions. If a Participant submits his submission late, early, in a manner other than the required manner, or in any other way incomplete, he will be automatically disqualified from participation.

7. Participation is free and subject to no restrictions.

8. The participant represents and warrants that the entry material made accessible to Nordik Blades in connection with a promotion is not unlawful or in violation of the law. The participant specifically states and guarantees that the entry material does not violate intellectual property or other third-party rights, is not injurious, insulting, racist, offensive, libellous, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive, and is not and cannot be misleading or unlawful in any way. Nordik Blades may refuse or remove entry material without consulting or obtaining approval from the Participant if it deems this is appropriate or necessary in its sole discretion for any of the aforementioned reasons or for any other justifiable cause.

9. If a winning participant violates the terms and conditions of the competition, Nordik Blades maintains the right to select a new winner for the applicable prizes and/or to disqualify the participant from this and any subsequent promotions. Nordik Blades is under no obligation to inform you that the Prizes have been declared null and invalid.

10. It is prohibited to participate using particular scripts, systems, automated functions, or other ways that boost one's chances of winning.

Content you share

1. Participants accept that their films may be used for advertising purposes (sharing them on our website, facebook page). We will share the videos anonymously.

2. The participant expressly and fully assigns to Nordik Blades all present and future intellectual property rights and other rights in and to the entry material for the duration of the applicable rights and to the extent authorized by law. After the promotion time has expired, Nordik Blades may use and license the entry content internationally and without limitation via any possible channel.

3. Additionally, the participant waives any claims for reimbursement relating to the entry content and its transmission.

4. Only during the promotion period may the participant request the removal of their entry material, which will be done as quickly as feasible. This request results in the invalidation of the participation for which the entry material was transferred. The relevant participant will be ineligible for future participation incentives.

5. The participant is solely responsible for the content of any entry material made public in connection with the campaign. Nordik Blades is not accountable in any way for this. The participant agrees to hold Nordik Blades harmless from any claim brought by a third party based on the content of the entry material supplied by the participant.

Exclusion of liability

1. Nordik Blades shall not be liable for any claim, loss, damage, cost, or expense incurred by any individual in connection with this promotion, regardless of how such claim, loss, damage, cost, or expense occurs.

2. Except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Nordik Blades, its employees, agents, or third-party vendors are not liable for any harm caused by the use of the Prizes or the participant's participation in the contest.

3. Except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct, Nordik Blades, its employees, assistants, and third-party vendors are not liable for damage caused by faults of any kind in the software, computer, network, or internet that resulted in Nordik Blades receiving the participant's entry late, incompletely, or not at all.

4. Except in the case of gross negligence or willful misconduct, Nordik Blades is not liable for any defects in the Prizes, if the Prizes are received later than announced, are received by the incorrect person, are lost or damaged during shipment, or if the Prizes or replacement Prizes deviate from the advertised prizes on minor details.

5. Nordik Blades is not responsible or liable in the event of fraud by participants.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal information given by the participant to Nordik Blades in connection with this campaign is subject to relevant privacy laws. Nordik Blades, in its position as the entity responsible for processing, shall use these details solely for the purpose of promoting the promotion's proper progress, conducting internal market research and direct marketing, as well as for the purpose of winner notification and prize distribution.

2. Personal data may be sent on to one or more entities within the group to which Nordik Blades belongs, or in the case of a legislative duty or in response to a request from the police or judicial authorities, in order to accomplish the aforementioned reasons. No third parties shall be supplied or sold your personal information.

3. Nordik Blades' decision on all matters pertaining to this promotion is final.

4. Nordik Blades reserves the right, without previous notification to consumers, to discontinue, modify, or otherwise deal with the promotion at any moment it thinks suitable.

5. The laws of Quebec govern these Promotional Terms and Conditions.