Advanced Cutting Edges

For Snow Plows

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Advanced Cutting Edges

For snow plows

Thank you APWA for organizing such a great event, we always loved tradeshows, but after being "grounded" for almost 2 years we were eager to go and meet people again! Can't wait for the next one

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Make sure to stop by our booth during the APWA conference in Pittsburgh. As always, interesting new products and free gifts will be waiting for you!

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Advanced cutting edges for snow plows. Our slogan says it all, constantly expanding our activities in North America, Nordik Blades® is an innovative supplier of advanced winter wear parts for snowplows.

By choosing the right blade, the overall performance of the plow trucks can be significantly increased: your plows will be cleaning better, you'll also preserve the machinery and avoid repair cost for your plows and trucks while saving on fuel and abrasive.

Read more about our 3XSave systems and how our blades will help you to realize significant savings in your plowing operations.

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Made in CanadaMade in Canada


Story behind our name

Being a Quebec based company, we used to have a French DBA name, but as our sales grew outside the province and we became an international supplier, we have decided to change our DBA name to Nordik Blades. Just Google “Nordik blade” in French and you’ll understand why.. :)

Story Behind our name
Nordik hockey team

We are a proud owner of the Nordik Blades LRH hockey team, we thank them for reminding us that blades and ice can go hand in hand under the right conditions! Look up Nordik Blades LRH on facebook for more pictures!

Nordik hockey team
Story behind our logo

Canada is the home of one of the three largest bear maternity denning area in the world! When thinking about our logo, we wanted to find something that expresses who we are as a business - strength, winter, Canada. We do believe that with our logo we fit the part!

Story behind our logo
We love coffee

No doubt if we would have to rescue one machine from our factory, it would be our coffee machine! We love coffee and coffee loves us back, it’s a special bond that only coffee people understand. At all times you’ll find at least 8 different types of coffees in our office.

We love coffee
Only a few know that...

At Nordik Blades we have lunch together every month to discover different cuisines from around the world. Each month has a different featured country and the food is cooked using authentic recipes from that country. This year we’ve tasted Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican and Hungarian food!

When it all started

The year was 2005, two friends in Quebec Canada decided to start a business to support businesses fighting snow and winter conditions. The rest is (our) history, Nordik Blades was born. During the last 15 years we grew from an Estrie cub into a Canadian bear!



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White's Wearparts Ltd.
Robitaille Equipment Inc.
Viking Cives Group
Metal Pless
LSW Wear Parts Ltd.

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